Olive 1, Olive 2, Olive 3 (Level 6)
Multipurpose and private, these individual function rooms provide a corporate atmosphere, perfect to host a top-level meeting, or easily converted to a stunning private room as a venue for intimate gathering.

Olive 4, Olive 5, Olive 6, Olive 7, Olive 8 (Level 6)
Guaranteed to meet every demand, these venues are uniquely designed and well laid out allowing efficient use of space. With its flexible partition walls, function rooms can be used as 5 individual rooms or as one big venue to host events that require a breakout space.

The Olive (Level 6)
Spacious, with natural daylight, and versatile, this dynamic place is perfect to host conference events or even private gatherings where participants are of a sizable number.

Olive Tree Grand Ballroom (Level 7)
Grand is an understatement.
A two level ballroom with mezzanine floor, our exquisitely designed Olive Tree Grand Ballroom proves to be the perfect choice for intimate and exclusive events.
This venue boasts a high-definition LED display screen and incorporates the latest in sound and lighting technology capable of providing vivid visuals and breathtaking sounds suitable for weddings, conferences, dinners and other special functions.

Venue Capacity Chart